Why are adsense widgets and gadgets not working

There are many widgets out there for showing adsense income on your desktop without going to Google Adsense.

I have been looking for any working widget for either mac OSX or windows seven gadgets which will show the earning from the Adsense server without the need of logging into the Google Adsense server via web browser but have miserably failed to do so!

None of the widgets I found worked for me! Not only for Mac OS and windows seven, but also none worked for iPhone too! what could possibly be the issue that NONE of them works now!

I only found one “program” working, which don’t add the widget, but updates the earning every 15 minutes or whatever time you setup and minimizes it’s icon in the toolbar. Sort of helpful though! but still not what I am looking for!

Looks like I’ll have to code one myself! for windows, mac and also for iPhone! don’t know if the effort will be worth and other people will use it too! but let’s try! :)

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