Sizzledcore down – Error establishing a database connection

I found sizzledcore down toay on 29th November 2010 at 11:00 PM PST.

Sizzledcore is the technology and gadgets related blog run by Haris Nadeem and some paid writers hired by him.

The blog is not new and have some good traffic and revenue generation! but it was bit surprising to find it down and caused me to panic!

I just posted to Haris’s Facebook profile wall too to tell him about it! let’s hope the blog comes back up soon! should be some minor hosting issue . . . hopefully it’s not any hack attempt! is among a few sites which I check once or twice a week usually to see what’s new there and what are these guys living around me posting on their blogs! However, only less than 5% of the topic covered there make to this blog though! Today I opened his blog for a different reason though! to check his alexa ranking (via alexa statusbar! ) and to compare it to mine :p but got the database error saying:

Error establishing a database connection

His blog’s wordpress installation is not able to connect to the database server due to any problem with the server or else due to incorrect settings or password.

Update: it’s back up at almost 11:24PM

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