Enter DFU mode without using iPhone power or home buttons

This post explains how to enter dfu mode on your iPhone without using the buttons on it.

Note: This method isn’t working for alot of users (working for some though)

Sometimes we may lose functionality of any of the iPhone button or due to any other reason, we can’t use them, but we need to make it enter the dfu mode, how shall we do it then? This tutorial explains how to get it done.

DFU (device firmware update) mode is used at various occasions by iPhone users like while jailbreaking it etc, where updating the firmware of the device is needed.

DFU mode needs you to press the power and home buttons in a sequence to work. If due to any reason, you are unable to get your iPhone into dfu mode through the buttons on the device, you can get your iPhone or iPod touch into dfu mode without using the buttons present on them by using a small program and command line on your computer.

This method works with windows computers, so if you don’t own one (mac lovers!) you can get your iPhone into dfu mode on any other system which have windows and then move it to your mac OS.

How to Enter DFU mode without using iPhone power or home buttons?

To enter your iPhone or iinto dfu mode without using it’s buttons, follow these steps:

1. Download the zip file

Download the zip file from this location: http://www.sendspace.com/file/93fx93

2. Extract the downloade zip file

Create new folder in drive C: and name it DFU. Extract the zip file to the location: c:\DFU

3. Connect your iPhone

Connect your iPhone but close iTunes when it launches after your connect your Apple device.

4. Launch the program downloaded to enter DFU mode without iPhone button

To launch the file, goto start > run and type (write run in search box in start menu on microsoft windows vista and seven)

c:/dfu/dfu iBSS.m68ap.RELEASE.dfu

This will enter your iPhone or iPod touch into the dfu mode and now you can proceed with your task which you needed your iPhone to be in dfu mode for.

19 comments on “Enter DFU mode without using iPhone power or home buttons

  1. i don’t understand where to find the c:\dfu.i have looked and searched in my computer and i cannot find it please help

  2. Alright I’m tech savvy and this doesn’t work at all. I made all the files in the folder run as admin and I put followed instructions correctly. I even tried putting it in Windows XP Service Pack 2 in compatibility mode. Nothing. Thanks for false advertisement.

  3. this is such a lie how can something pointing to your c drive open your itunes phone which is being recognized as another drive or device this is bull pure bs

  4. im feeling like a bhosdi ka! Its not working,u r geneius but i am dumb. we dont know how to operate computer. piysh is an Ass.

  5. Actually The file u have posted was a part of ibrickr ,which is nowadays not working/Supporting for New Bootloaders And Ios After 4.XX.

    So Delete this ANCIENT Valuable Post,Which is not Valuable In 2011.

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