How to make a Mass Payment in PayPal

This tutorial explains how to make a mass payment using PayPal.

Mass payment through paypal don’t only helps reduce the work load and tiring repeated work while sending the payments through paypal, but it also reduces the fee deducted while sending the payment (usually only 1$ is deducted, instead of 2-4% transaction fee when sending usual payments)

Mass payment can be sent via any normal PayPal account. It gives you flexibility to send payments to 5000 receivers at a time.

The data for the mass payment can either be uploaded using a csv (comma seperated value) file or a tab delimited file. Other than that, mass payment can also be made through the data submitted using api to PayPal.

To make a mass payment through PayPal, follow these steps:

1. Login to your PayPal account

2. Goto Send mass payment page

To goto the mass payment page, click on Send Money in the top menu and in the next page, from submenu on top menu, click Make a Mass Payment to goto the mass payment page.

3. Create and upload the csv file

To create the csv file, simply open a file in notepad and enter the information in it in this fashion:

email id,amount,currency,identifier,message

Repeat this info on each line for each payment. For example:

[email protected],10.00,USD,00934,thank you for your payment

Once the file is created, upload it to the page we just opened in the previous step. Once the file is uploaded and verified by PayPal, send the mass payment to the receivers!

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