PayPal transaction dispute – another victim! (me)

I wish PayPal provides some decent way for transactions for the people like me who provide services and virtual products.

I recently got scammed by a guy who sent payment to me via PayPal and after couple of days claimed to the PayPal that he didn’t receive any services. Paypal has put the amount (which was almost 800$) on hold! a serious concern for me!

The guy calls himself neutron and uses email id on msn messenger: [email protected] sent me the payment through a different paypal id on my paypal and now i am in trouble!

I wish i wouldn’t accept paypal from a different paypal id so that i was atleast sure that this guy is genuine and is trustable!

I am not sure if there is a way to make the payments from paypal “non-disputable” (except for gift payment / donations, but can’t receive all payments as gifts! right?)

A really bad experience. Had similar experience couple of months ago too with paypal dispute fraud

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