How to unblock a person on Facebook

Today i received a question from one of my blog visitor saying:

hi there i have a question for you hope u will help me pls…how do i retrieve a blocked person account in facebook so i can add it to my account?pls help me thank you very much.

So Romel, this post is for you, please let me know if it’s helpful or if you need any further help in unblocking someone you accidently blocked on your facebook profile :)

How to unblock someone on Facebook

To add the person back again to your facebook account, you first need to unblock him. To unblock some one from facebook account, follow this:

1. Login to facebook account

2. Goto Account > Privacy settings

3. Down in the privacy settings page of your facebook, you will see Block Lists, click on it

4. You will see the list of people you have blocked, simply click unblock to unblock that persons profile on your facebook account. Please note you will have to add him again (if he was your friend before you blocked him)

Please let me know if you feel any difficulty with this tutorial or want it to be more elaborated and graphical.

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  1. yeah Sometimes person Blocked friends mistakenly So Some kind of method requied to find them all back into facebook

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