BlackHatWorld suspended website account + Database error

Although i am not a regular visitor to this forum based website named, but used to visit it some times for various purposes (no not for black hat stuff, as there was almost no black hat stuff there, all kids just sharing random stuff) today i found out that their account has been suspended!

Maybe they have been suspended due to violation of terms and service of the host? or maybe because they were using / selling illegal scripts or unlicensed stuff, or at last it could also be that they forgot to pay their hosting fee ? (most unlikely though)

Anyhow, it’s strange to find out that they were providing the place for black hat hackers (so called atleast) and none of them was able to save their own site by any hat? I think they should have researched well before choosing a host! anyway, better luck next time!

In my view, there is only one Hat, and that’s the hacker, either you are a hacker, or you are a script kiddie (google for it if you don’t know it’s meaning) A hacker can be any hat at any needed time. They refer black hats to dangerous ones? well, anyone with deadly knowledge can be dangerous, and any script kiddie with some right tools can be dangerous too some times!

17 comments on “BlackHatWorld suspended website account + Database error

  1. They were suspended because they received to many complaints back when they were the host for scrapebox. They are looking for an offshore server and should be up again soon

  2. I figured they ran their own server – probably just another exploit into the site, will be back online in a few. the error has changes to a database error rather than the account suspended screen anyways

  3. are you the same retard thats always slagging off black hat world just cus you got hacked,lol.get a life you sad little man,your post here is the same ramblings everywhere else,they are hackers,there not real hackers,those pretend the site is down,at least people notice when harro`s site is down,whats yours called again ? mencap or the lost blog for retards and sado`s

    1. try to mind your language, don’t try to prove about you guys what i stated above. I never felt important to write about blackhatworld or any similar site for kids and stuff,

      and about my blog being lost bla bla . . . how come you felt it important enough to justify your script kiddies and noob’s site here?

      whoever you’re, you seriously need to grow up kid!

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