Google Adsense introduces – Ad Review Center

Today when i logged into my Google Adsense account to modify the competitive ad filter list as i noticed some low ctr and cpc ads on my blog posts, i got this notification from adsense saying:

Introducing the Ad Review Center. Review all placement-targeted ads before they run on your site. Learn more…

The details page text said:

The Ad Review Center is a new publisher tool which enables you to allow or block specific placement-targeted ads, giving you more transparency and control over the placement-targeted ads appearing on your sites. You can choose to allow or block individual ad groups and advertisers, as well as filter ads by type.

When you block ads in the Ad Review Center, you’ll need to provide the reason for blocking the ad group or advertiser. We use this information internally to help improve products and share it with advertisers to help them improve their campaigns. This feedback gives advertisers more insight on how to create ads that are relevant to your site. By opting into the Ad Review Center, you allow us to tell advertisers you have blocked their ads, as well as share your reason for doing so.

Once you enable the Ad Review Center, there will be two options available to you for reviewing ads: auto-allow or manual review. We recommend you choose to automatically allow all ads for advertisers you trust, and to review all other incoming ads as often as possible. Please note that when you first opt into the Ad Review Center, you will only see ads targeted to your site since opting in. You should see previously targeted ads in the allowed bin over the next day or two.

Due to backend limitations, we cannot support sites with more than 100 web properties associated with them (for example, hosting or blog sites). If your account is associated with such a site in the future, we may disable access to the Ad Review Center. Please contact your Account Manager if you have further questions.

It’s really wonderful feature from Google! hopefully they will accept my account too! I will be posting updates and my experience about google adsense ad review center soon! (if i get accepted for that ofcourse!)

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