WordPress Login – Error submitting form!

While trying to login to my WordPress (3.0) backend admin panel using http://nabtron.com/wp-admin/ or http://nabtron.com/login/ (using theme my admin plugin) i received this error:

Error submitting form!
Please make sure both javascript and cookies are enabled in your browser.
Use the back button to try again…

(Note: if this still doesn’t help, then refreshing your cache might)

This error says that some thing went wrong. It could be browser issue, wordpress core issue, or maybe plugins issue (either theme my login or any other that i might be using).

However, the solution is to simply restart the process. Please note, not refresh, but restart, go again to your domain.com/wp-admin (or doming.com/login/) and login again and it should work now! simple haan! :)

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