How to use Google keyword research tool?

Howdy guy! Hope you will like my article about using keyword tool for. Today I’m here to tell you in extremely open about the usage of keyword tool and per click cost of any keyword. Keywords are very important when you’re to earn with your site. They pays the main role to give you per […]

5 most common blogging mistakes

No one is perfect, we all do mistakes all the time. Some times we learn from it, some times we get disappointed and bad results. Like every profession there are some common mistakes that bloggers do too (yes , blogging is also a profession). I will try to list out the top 5 most common […]

Smart Pricing by Google adsense – secret to your pay per click

I’ve been programming and developing websites for almost a decade now but never started a proper blog with some huge traffic all this time (maybe due to lack of time and lack of interest too as i was a programmer and medical student – both like working in background instead of showing off) but now […]

How to Remove/Stop your Google Adsense ads on unwanted Blog/websites

Someone is showing your adsense units on their blog/website? Well don’t worry, you can step them from doing so and affecting your adsense account. How to Stop your Google Adsense ads on unwanted websites To remove others from displaying your adsense unit (publisher id infact) in their blogs/websites simply stop your ads being shown on […]

How many People Actually make a Living with adsense

Today i got a comment on one of my adsense related post, in which i told the old adsense code formats here and got a really genuine question from him: Hello there. How many people actually make a living with gogle adsense? I have adsense Ads on my website but I do earn any money. […]

Old Google Adsense code

Google has updated their adsense code to a newer version. Although it provides support to convert the legacy / old adsense code to the new one in the adsense admin panel easily, and also, it still counts the clicks and impressions on the old adsense code blocks, but it doesn’t provide any features to generate […]