Regular posts affect on Google Adsense

Posting regular updates and new articles on your blog is not only good for getting traffic and keeping regular visitors interest, but it has an affect on adsense earnings too.

This post is not going to show some benchmark tests though but over last many months (over an year) I’ve been experiencing few things.

Mostly regularly posting on the blog don’t bring much difference to the traffic (unelss you post some really keyword specific and low competition article) but it still helps your blog.

This blog was not very much active 3 months ago, Just casual / informative posts once in a week or so.

I’ve started posting more regularly (on daily basis) for last 3 months and the traffic has risen almost 20% too.

For last 3 months, this blogs incomeĀ riseĀ almost 2.5 times (250%) of the income which I was having 3 months ago.

We can contribute some part of that to the increase in traffic, but even then we can say that it has doubled, by just being regular.

So Google Adsense does like active blogs! keep your blog active, informative and high quality – without copying others content.

What’s your experience and your views about regular updating a blog and its affect on google adsense income

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