Mashable spreading UN-APPROVED news UN-RELATED to tech! wtf is this?

If a tech blogs talks about a tech related rumor, well its justifiable coz they are tech related and need to have more traffic ofcourse!

But I’ve been noticing Mashable is writing about stuff which is not at all tech related.

And all of it is “unverified” and they proudly say that in the post too! that this is a rumor or an unverified news! oh come on guys! are you serious?

Today mashable published a post titling:

“Saudi Princess Tweets: Female Driver’s Lashing Sentence Revoked”

and in the post it said:

Though the princess’s account isn’t verified

So why the hell are you telling millions of users this thing? when the account isn’t verified even?

For a minute if we assume that its verified, why are you tweeting about a “law” and a country specific issue on mashable, a tech blog?

I have never seen a post on mashable saying how Iran has asked USA to stay in limits, or how 77 USA soldiers were killed this week in Kabul at once? Why not? be a news channel then mashable?

Seriously, other bloggers might start following this trend too and start posting random stuff on their blog which they like, just taking advantage of viewer readership and page rank?

A very bad impression from mashable, you might lose your respect by spreading unconfirmed and unrelated news, just for personal preferences.

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