Adsense new interface Upgraded

While logging into new Google Adsense interface, received this message on the screen:

Updates to the new AdSense interface

Thanks for using the new AdSense interface, which offers powerful reporting capabilities and ad controls while helping you manage your account more efficiently. We want to let you know that we’ve now added many of your top-requested features — including the ability to create scheduled reports, and view top channels on the Home tab.

As a reminder, some features available only in the new interface include:

  • Multi-dimension reporting, allowing you to analyze your earnings on a granular level.
  • Reporting by country and platform, showing you how and from where users are finding your site.
  • Search functionality in the Ad review center, helping you find and block ads more quickly.
  • The ability to edit multiple ad units at once, saving you time when making updates to your ads.

We’re moving away from the older interface, and so we encourage you to continue using the new AdSense interface.

Glad to see google updating new adsense beta too! but its still not upto the “well done” level . .

Overall system is good, but many thing still lack, including design ofcourse!

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