Family support and blogging – can it make difference?

I’m not sure if this subject has been discussed before or not, and believe me, I don’t know if it is going to be discussed now (via comments etc) or not! Anyway, lets have a look at the affect of family response on blogging!

Take me for example, my parents or elders don’t even know what a blog and what blogging is! so let alone supporting it or not!But in general, whenever I am using computer, doing anything, I’m considered to be wasting time :s !

Now let’s come to my youngers. I explained to all of them what a blog is. I told them to start their own blog and even registered domain names from my pocket for them, but all vain! they didn’t even posted a single item on it! (accept for one of them!)

This clearly means two things only, either they don’t understand the importance and value of blogging, or else I don’t understand the blogging and am wasting time after it!

But let’s move on to some other scenarios, like where family actively encourage you for blogging, what difference will it make in your progress? and similarly, if they start opposing you over it, would it make any difference? I bet it does! share your experience about it!

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