10 tips to drive more traffic to your blog

10 is quite a low number probably when it comes to tips, but it’s very big one when it comes to follow them!

Here we go with 10 tips to increase your blog’s traffic:

1. write about something that you are expert in

2. learn new thing everyday about your blog niche

3. post comments on other blogs everyday

4. make a list of bloggers on all social media and message all of them daily

5. write in english, no I really mean it!

6. make registration system on your blog

7. guest post on other blogs

8. allow guest posts on your blog

9. goto gym daily – trust me!

10. ask your grandpa dad / uncle to spend time on internet, and open your website as default, and see if he closes it in a second to open something useful, or keeps browsing.

I’ll be improving this list soon! but for now, follow these 10!

2 comments on “10 tips to drive more traffic to your blog

  1. Hi Nabeel,

    Interesting and good tips! The only two I’m not sure of are messaging bloggers every day, although I have been enjoying talking to quite a few recently. And number 10… my grandpa still hasn’t been able to figure out which button is record on that “dang DVDCR”. :)

    Number 9… with you all the way there!

    I would perhaps add seek out comment luv enabled blogs since it shows your latest post in the comment section. Easy way to get a bit more traffic, especially if your last post has to deal with what you are commenting on.

    All in all, great list. Thanks!

    Vincent Parker

    1. umm I just changed grandpa to uncle ;) your comment made me think that too! :p

      about messaging the bloggers, well, it’s not like literally messaging 100 of them daily, but like be active and focus on interacting with them. Even if you don’t think they’re of much value, interacting with them will not only get you quality info and insights, but also repute and recognition along with free traffic from their blogs back links!

      and yeah, I’m gonna add comment luv in the next list soon! :) (but personally, I’m not fan of it! )

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