5 Tips to improve your blog design

Yeah now stop criticizing my blogs design first, so that we move on to tips on fixing some blog designs!

Here I’ll go through a list of 5 things to do to improve your blog design. By improving the blog design I mean making it more catchy, more user friendly and more non-creepy! So here’s the list:

1. Look at your blog as you are going to sell it today. So you want to fix every minor or moderate thing in it as much as you can and make improvements which will give it the best value in the market.

2. remove those fancy 10mb scripts and images! believe me, no one is interested in buying, or even staying on a site which loads slow! remove all extra content from theme too.

3. ask your dad or uncle, or similar age group people, plus your non-blogger and non-tech friends to sit on a chair on computer and explore through your blog. Give you comments on how the overall site is, and what impression is it giving. Would they like to come back later or not? but mind you, if they’re praising you, they’re lying! ask them just to point out mistakes and improvements only!

4. Make sure you are including ads in your content, rather than including content in your ads (makes sense?)

5. test out various things, keep experimenting. If one thing works satisfactorily, it doesn’t mean to stop there, note it down to come back to it in future if nothing newer works, but keep experimenting.

I know this list, like my usual lists, asks for some work to do! but there is only one person who cares about your blog, and that person is you. So start proving it!

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