How to choose a topic for new blog

Blogging, just like friendship, is easy to start but difficult to maintain.

blogging-ideasChoosing the topic for our new blog is one of the most important question which can either waster our time or make our lives. Here you’ll be getting few tips and ideas on how to chose the topic for your new blog and then you can continue working on it.

1. What’s your full time profession

Many people I know, might be a student of environmental sciences and would start blogging on a tech niche blog! come on guys what’s wrong with you! make a blog on something related to your field of study. You will get new topics and new info about it every single day. It’s your domain man! You will never run out of topics but also you will be authority in that niche! as you’re qualified in it!

2. Your favorite sport

Better if you play it too! that way you will never run out of topics too! you will always have something to post about your favorite sport or sports team and events related to it! You will have lots and lots of information as well as pictures to post about it!

3. Don’t just choose because someone got lucky with it

If someone made huge money with cats and dogs blogs, that’s because he knew about cats and dogs (or spent time in learning about them) or maybe owned cats and dogs himself. If you’ll follow the niche blindly, chances are you’re gonna waste your time and energy in it.

4. Focus on what’s your field of interest and specialty

If you’re writing about sports, don’t start about all the sports, focus on what’s your main interest, be it basketball, swimming or hockey, whatever. Stick to it, write about it, search about it. Because searching about it won’t feel hectic to you as you’re already interested in that sport right ?

5. Make a list and then taper down

Make a list of topics which you think you can blog about. Write down the list, no seriously! write it down on a piece of paper. Now take time to sit and think. Number the items in priority that which ones are your favorite and which ones you can write alot and good about.

6. Write good, not much

The whole point is giving some value, not just content. Everyone knows how being fat is, how bad it is, but a few know how to make the fat go, to make you slim. So if you can provide the complete picture of something, start that niche!

If you have any suggestions or questions please let me know!

3 comments on “How to choose a topic for new blog

  1. Here is another tip for choosing content:

    (1) Look through your server logs (Awstats or logaholic)
    (2) Find the keywords used to find your blog
    (3) Write content with these keywords and publish it on the blog
    (4) Promote the content on social media
    (5) Rinse and repeat.

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