Explore the new Graph Search by Facebook – Tour

Facebook recently started rolling out the newly launched Facebook Graph Search.

The graph search tour takes you through the features enhanced in facebook via graph search launch.

Once your account is approved for Facebook Graph Search you will get a notification on your Facebook homepage saying that your account is now approved for Facebook Graph Search and now you can upgrade to the new search system.

Once upgraded, not just the search changes, but the whole top bar moves into different sequence of icons.

Facebook asks you to take a tour of Facebook Graph Search (click to enlarge):


Explore the new Graph Search

Take 2 minutes to see how you can find more of what you’re looking for on Facebook and discover fun connections.

Clicking on “Take a Tour” begins the tour of the Facebook Graph Search and auto types a search query for you in the top search bar. For me It searched for the institute where I graduated from “Islamic International Medical College”.

The Search can be seen in snap shot below (click to enlarge) :


The awesome thing about it, you don’t get only results through name, it gives you an option to search for the people who graduated from that institute (guessing automatically that it’s an institute name)

Gives you an option to see people who goto the college currently, your friends who goto that college. Not only this, but people who are related to that college and live in some specific city or place even.

Gives further options too such as people who went to that college and work somewhere else too etc.

Infact, these are just suggestions, you can type any such query yourself in awesome Facebook Graph Search and get very relevant and precise results for your query!

While searching, you can use TAB key to move between suggestions and suggested results!

You can personalize the search results like my friends who went to some college etc.

Once search is done, results are personalized specifically for you!

At the end of the tour, Facebook tells you more about awesomeness of the new Facebook Graph Search, showing the popup :


So now Facebook Graph Search isn’t boring as before, like typical search systems, rather it’s quite intelligent now and can search alot of details queries. You can search for photos of you and your friends, restaurants near you, music your friends listen to and so on!

Have your account been approved for Facebook Graph Search already? how did you find the awesome new feature of Facebook ?

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