Blogging vs Programming

blogging vs programmingIdeally we can’t compare these two things but as I’m quite confused these days to focus on which one of them I’ll try to give a comparison among them.

Blogging, of any niche or topic, is beneficial in the long run. You never know if your post is really going to get many visitors or any visits at all.

Where as in programming, only thing you don’t know is if the client is going to do a fraud and run away with your money! (don’t laugh, many, many clients do like this, many!) but other than that you’re pretty much sure how much will you be getting in your wallet at the end of the project.

Blogging is like writing out your mind, programming is like creating the world (virtual I mean) which runs inside your mind.

If you ask which one pays more? Well for me Programming pays alot more.

But lets compare the time I give to both of them. Well, still then programming rules.

Programming is a skill. No matter what, if you’ve a skill, no one can snatch it from you. Not even Google by banning your adsense account!

Develop a skill you bloggers! any skill. Programming, Graphics, or any offline skill if you’re not a computer freak.

I’ve seen many bloggers who were very high in the blogsphere couple of years ago, and are no where now, and many got hit by google panda recently.

Blogging is good, I do it too, but it’s not what you should rely on if you’re gifted with something better too by Allah.

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