Only graphics person has imagination ?

While discussing a project with one of the clients I got this line from him:

I do need a good graphics person who has imagination

And it made me wonder . . . does only graphics people have imagination?

No I’m not gonna pull this post with just this topic in it, but just wanted to share my thought, everyone has an imagination. Programmers have too (non-graphics person I mean).

What’s your view about this?

4 comments on “Only graphics person has imagination ?

  1. I’m a graphic designer but i absolutly agree with your statment: everybody can have role expressing new ideas to materialize a concept. Sometimes being out of the artistic circle can be even better to get new approaches. But one thing is for sure just thinking the because i’m An Adobe self enterpreneur knowing all the software shortcuts isnt enough to claim the genious touch.

    1. just imagine, if someone, after visiting hompage comments: Google didn’t have anyone with imagination (coz there isn’t any imaginative “graphic” on it)

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