Google banned 90% of Pakistani adsense accounts without warning

Please note, this is not “confirmed” from any official source, but out of a rough survey.

Google adsense has disabled 90% of Pakistan based google adsense account in last 24-48 hours.

In the email, it says that you were sent email from the team or warning etc, but NONE of the members who got their account disabled got any warning email of any sort.

The sent email only says that content is not of value (some high quality blogs banned too).

Not even the website name is mentioned in the email for which or due to which adsense account is banned.

Please note, almost all of them received the same email of disabled account. i.e policy violation by inappropriate content.

I’m not sure if this is related to the legal case filed against Google by Pakistani courts for defending terrorists and protecting their data.

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17 comments on “Google banned 90% of Pakistani adsense accounts without warning

  1. yeah a lot of friends of mine are complaining about this. This is strange that Google has blocked accounts of masses in a single swipe.

    My sympathies with all those who have tried have been trying to death to get maximum traffic and clicks.

    How many fake human clickers come from Pakistan?

  2. Glad that many shoddy sites get their adsense account banned. This is the best way to discourage them from making other low quality sites. Now in Pakistan. I hope google will also take care of the other countries like India, Malaysia and Indonesia. Too much of crappy sites from these countries.

  3. yeah a lot of friends of mine are whiney about this. This is antic that Google has blocked accounts of people in a lonesome swipe.

    My sympathies with all those who acquire proved love been trying to alteration to get maximum traffic and clicks.

    1. Hi there

      its obvious that gov has to do something with that, i am a professional blogger and i never used fraud clicks..i have a request, our gov should stop playing dirty politics now…

  4. This is really bad. Google asks publishers its partners, and they don’t even bother to intimate/warn/notice partners before taking a tough decision. Though, majority of sites must have done something wrong, but Google didn’t do any favor to itself by banning high quality sites and blogs. There are certainly lots of spammers sites earning through adsense in India and Pakistan. I think, after Pakistan it will be the turn of India. Let’s see.

    If Google has disabled this blog which is undoubtedly lovely – I assume it is a Pakistani owned – then thousands of publishers in India should get ready for mass disabling.

    Anyway, Keep up the good work friend.

    New Delhi, India

    1. Thanks Chandan, I hope this wave will end up in making all of us work harder on building our own brand and products rather than serving ads on our quality content and blogs

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