5 Thing I learnt from this Google mass disabling of account

Google recently mass disabled accounts (mostly from Pakistan and then south asia) on its 13th birthday on 14th october 2011 without any warning or even mentioning the website names which lead to account being disabled. This was really shocking for many people who’ve been earning hundreds of dollars from google adsense for many many years! with all good standing websites.

Well, Google Adsense was easy money, no one disagrees, but there are a few lessons which I learnt out of all this scenario.

Wil share a few out of them here, let me know what’s your view about it.

1. Don’t blog for Ads

That’s right! don’t just blog to get traffic and then to get ads. You know what its like? Read this post: What does blogging for ADS sounds like

So never ever “work” for ads! there are better things to do in life (and with your traffic)

(working for ads doesn’t mean not having ads on your site, think, there’s a difference)

2. Give Value to the world

Give something valuable to the world and your blog visitors, seriously. And no, compiling news from here and there is not giving value! at all! Get unique and good quality content, not only rewrites.

3. Give equal time to your profession / skill

I’ve seen people who’re full time bloggers. Yes you might have seen too, also those who’re bloggers for ads only.

Ever heard of stories of people who left their day job for blogging? you did! hundreds do so.

But did you hear those stories when they found out that it was the worst decision they made in their life?

After a few years, they’re no more. Someone either excelled more in their niche or what they wrote became old and outdated. Either way, it was all good when it was active, but dead soon . . .

So give your profession and skill set some time too. Daily, like you give time to blogging. Because in the long run, you’ll be more skilled and respected in your profession that way.

4. No one cares what happens with you

Visitors and the world is not your grand ma, they have alot of other things to deal with. So stop expecting them to help you themselves.

Steve Jobs died right? are you still weeping? or you didn’t even care? like people didn’t care when the creator of unix died in the same days when Steve did, and no one even bothered to notice.

5. Live Your life – 1 day at a time

I’ve read people saying today that they lost 6 months income in adsense once their account got blocked, well it’s their fault for considering adsense as a bank account though! but anyway, they lost it.

Other than that, whoever lost their account, lost 1.5 months income. 45 days! thats right. Did you live those 45 days?

How many memories do you have in life? just start counting them right now, I bet they’re less than 45, amazing one, which you call the experience of your life time.

Just imagine if you spent these 45 days gaining 45 more experiences, 1 every day . . .

So stop being a robot, live your life. Do work, hard work, alot of work, but live your life too.

10 comments on “5 Thing I learnt from this Google mass disabling of account

  1. Give equal time to your profession / skill

    This is a real advice for me at least. No matter what happens, even i get to become millionare, billionare or even trillionare i will give full time to my studies which i left after 2 semesters in University.

    Thanks for this article. It has really inspired me

  2. Awesome and really a great lesson for “Blogging for Adsense” type bloggers.

    1. Never depend on Google Adsense or any advertising network (Infolinks, bidvertiser etc…)

    2. Never make blogging for ads your full time work.

    3. Try to get something from market (instead of relying on adsense) like if you are working on a tech blog, first work hard make it popular, get some traffic and then target local market for Advertisements.
    May be they wont give you advertisements first but you can make a deal or something in starting to achieve something.

    1. yeah, local market is the best thing to do if your blog is targetted to some location

      however, selling your own (or affiliate if you’re not capable of selling your own) products is also a good option

  3. You are very right but..

    I think this not fair from google. Google must warn and must give us at least one chance to keep continue our work without violation in future.

    I suggest all the adsense user must make a group, unity and strike and appeal via email or mail against this act from google.

    all the publishers must remove their ads from their sites. Stop the adsense work and must tell to google the we are removing google ads cause your account disable policy..

    atleast google must send the amount till the account banned.

    but only google is earning we are not..

    after a long work when we see the our account is disable, we wish to kill google.

    we must make a group against this rule of google, so friends do this and protect your future.

  4. Hi Dr. Nabeel

    This is a very BIG lesson for me, and all the adsense publishers, a very usefull advices. And yes, you are right, don’t do Blogging for ads, because Blogging is about to help others people by sharing the information, like you’re currently doing. It is a very BIG different beween Blogging for money (ads) and Blogging to help 9or something that we’re passionate about from the inside of our self).

    I believe what we give, it comes back to us soon or later. When we’re do a very good services for others, then money will follows.

    Anyway, there’s a bunch of an alternatives of Google adsense program when someone is banned from their account, so that they’re still could get revenue from Blogging.

    Best Regards!

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