What exactly blogging for “ads” sounds like ?

You know what its like? let me give you an example, a joke popular in south asia:

A guy was asked what he wanted to do in his future? He replied:

I’ll study hard and get admission in good university.
Then I’ll study hard and become an engineer.
Then I’ll work abit to gather some money (1000-2000$ or so)
Then I’ll get visa and ticket to Dubai, Uk or USA
Then I’ll go there and drive a taxi and live a fortunate life!

Yeah, cheap joke right? exactly.

You work hard, more and more hard, to get traffic. All for what? showing ads to them? wtf?

Lemme try to break it down into pieces for you to get hold of it.

Working hard (to get traffic for ads)

Ok seriously, you’re working hard to “Drive traffic to someone else” website ? Why not simply work as a spammer for them directly and post their links here and there all over internet, that way they will pay you directly atleast! and much more than those ads too!

If you just wanna work hard on blog to get ads and some 100$ off it, why not drive a taxi then? it will pay you 100$ a day or more (if you’re abroad) and atleast 200+ $ a month if you’re in south asia!

Just why are you working hard to get traffic? answer this, not to me, but to yourself

Got traffic already, gifting it to others now?

Ok I accept, my blog isn’t the great product or launcher itself, but thats what I’m trying to change in it too!

We’ve got traffic, yeah great, utilize it now! why send it to other websites for them to use them?

If some one pays you 100$ (and 100$ to google) to get that traffic from you, so after spending 200$ off it, he must be gaining atleast more than or equal to that 200$ in the worst scenario! Even then you’re losing that 100% of amount + repute and respect that they’re gaining because of their product!

We will come back to it later “which products” and “how to create / launch” them, but first, clear your minds. What the hell “blogging for ads” sounds like! simple!

Are you working hard to just gets ad clicks from adsense, bidvertiser, chitika, n so on! or something else? for your own brand?

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