And Yes! my Adsense blocked too!!! :)

Just received an email from Google Adsense team that my adsense account running on this website has been blocked by them! how romantic! :P

Update: Uniting those who got disabled: (Pakistani specially):

I’m not sure what could be the reason, most of the content I provide is unique, unique to the extent that only 5000 or so person like to come to it via google search every day! :\

Anyway, so once you lose your adsense account (and some 500$) whats your next step?

I assume alternate ad networks are not that good, right?

Suggestions please?

I’ve attached image of (with adsense blocked) but with ad positions still having ad code for future reference – Click to enlarge.

Oh and this is the email I received from google adsense about my account being blocked:


We continually review all publishers according to our program policies (
) and Terms and Conditions ( ). During
a recent review of your account, our specialists found that it was not in
compliance with our policies.

WEBMASTER GUIDELINES: Our program specialists regularly review sites in
the AdSense program.

It is important for a site displaying AdSense to offer significant value
to the end user by providing unique and relevant content, and not to place
ads on sites with little to no original content. Additionally, Google ads
may not be placed on non-content-based pages.

Your site should also provide a good user experience through clear
navigation and organization. Users should be able to easily click through
your pages and find the information they are seeking.

Because your sites violate the spirit of our policies, we have disabled ad

For more information, please review our program policies ( ) and
Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines (

As stated in our program policies, sites displaying Google ads should
provide substantial and useful information to the user. Users should be
able to easily navigate through the site to find what products, goods, or
services are promised.

While reviewing your site, our team of specialists determined that it does
not comply with the spirit of these guidelines.

As a result, your AdSense account has been disabled.

Additionally, as stated in our Terms and Conditions, publishers who have
breached this agreement may not receive further payment. The earnings on
your account will be returned to the affected advertisers. Please note
that this step was taken in an effort to protect the interests of our
AdWords advertisers, and to maintain the quality of the AdSense program.

Thank you for your understanding.


The Google AdSense Team

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