How to open a port on firewall in windows xp

This article will explain how to open the ports in Internet connection firewall (ICF) manually in windows xp.

Some programs or situations might require you to open some ports manually which are normally closed by the firewalls. Ports could be blocked on the local or the gateway computer.

To manually open a port in ICF follow these steps:

  1. Goto: Start > My Network Places
  2. Under Network Tasks, click View Network Connections
  3. Right click the connection that you use for connecting to the internet and select properties
  4. In the properties window click on Advanced tab. Then click settings. (If you can’t click on settings button, then the ICF is not enabled on this system, which means that it isn’t blocking any ports.
  5. Click Add to open a new port.
  6. In the description box type a name for the port (Can be any name that you want).
  7. In the Name or IP address of the computer hosting this service on your network box type: (you can give the specific ip too but typically is what’s needed.
  8. In the external port and internal port boxes type the port number that you want to be opened
  9. Click either TCP or UDP and click OK
  10. Repeat these steps to add any more ports if required.
This will open the port that you want to be opened on Internet connection firewall on windows xp.

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