Dual Boot Windows Vista And MAC OS X 10.5


This tutorial is for information purpose only. We don’t take any responsibility for any damages caused as a result of these instructions. Also please obtain legal version of OS X from apple prior to using the os.


  1. Desktop PC or Laptop running windows (vista/xp)
  2. iATKOS v1.0 DVD image (approx 2.16 GB)
  3. Windows (vista) boot DVD
  4. Dvd drive

Make sure:

  1. You have windows running on your system in C drive
  2. Another empty partition already done for use with OS X
  3. Burn the iATKOS v1.0 DVD image on a DVD

Steps to dual boot windows vista and os x:

  1. Open Disk Management (Right click My Computer and click on Manage and select Disk Management).
  2. Create new volume for OSX by shriking already existing volume (other than C drive running windows). We need atleast 5GB space or more.
  3. Make sure that the new volume show up as unallocated. If not then repeat the previous steps.
  4. Restart the pc booting with the Leopard DVD that we burnt using iATKOS v1.0 DVD image.
  5. When the countdown begins for booting with dvd, press f8. It will show you a command prompt, type -v and hit enter.
  6. It will start scrolling some text on screen and then stop at the Leopard OS X installer. Follow the on screen instructions.
  7. Once the loading bar disappears select Utilities > Disk Utility
  8. Select the volume we created in step 2 and format it as MAC OSX Journaled Extended. Once the formatting is completed the volume is ready for the installation. Close disk utility.
  9. Open Utilities > Darwin Boot. It will show you a prompt. Type Y at the prompt
  10. When it asks for Disk Number type 0. For the partition number select the number of the partition we are using for mac os (if it’s second partition, enter 2 or so on)
  11. Continue on screen instructions and accept the following prompts. In the end you will see a success prompt telling you that no. of blocks of data were successfully written.
  12. Get back to Leopard Install Screen. Chose the partition we made for installing MAC OS X Leopard and follow the on screen instructions. (Don’t select any patches during the installation to avoid failure of installation. Plan install works normally.
  13. Once the installation is complete, boot again with the dvd in the drive and press f8 at Darwin Boot Loader. Type -s at the prompt and press enter.
  14. Enter these commands:
    • fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0
    • flag 1
    • quit
    • reboot
  15. Remove the DVD from the DVD drive and start windows vista normally.
  16. If you’re not able to start window vista (or xp, seven) giving any error, don’t panic. Simply insert the windows install DVd and repair computer. It will automatically fix it for you and restart.
  17. Setup Dual boot
    1. Boot in windows vista
    2. Copy chaino file from the Leopard DVD to drive C
    3. Open command prompt as administrator privileges (with Elevated Admin privileges from the start menu)
    4. Type these commands in command prompt: (in the third command change {GUID} with alphanumeric GUID you see in the enumerated list under MAC OS X (shown after you enter 2nd command)
      • bcdedit /copy {current} /d “Mac OS X”
      • bcdedit /enum active
      • bcdedit /set {GUID} PATH \chain0
    5. Close command prompt and restart your windows vista.
    6. You will now see the screen giving you two options to boot from. Mac OS X or Windows Vista
    7. Boot into both vista and mac os x one by one to confirm everything is working fine.
    8. If clicking on Mac OS X cycles back to the boot screen and don’t run Mac OS X leopard, then don’t panic. Simply select Mac OS X again and press f8 at the count down. Select the partition with Mac OSX installed from the list of partitions by using up/down and enter key and it will fix! Test again to confirm.
Follow this simple guide to be able to dual boot windows vista and Mac OSX Leopard. This should work with other versions of windows (windows xp and windows seven/7) .

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