Why I started blogging from phone

I’ve been blogging since 2008, however I never used any phone or phone app to blog ever since this month, but I guess it has to begin now and I should start blogging from the cell phone. Why I started blogging from the phone? Here are a few reasons! We don’t have laptop all the […]

Facebook photo identification issues

I wish Mark Zukerberg (or whatever his name is) disables his own facebook id for a day and then try to recover it at least once, as a demo, to go through the process and see how irritating and frustrating it is. First of all, the facebook temporarily disabling the accounts is weird in itself. […]

Avoid haram income online

Just because someone is doing something that’s haram, doesn’t make it halal. This issue isn’t a light one. It’s a very serious issue and can either make or break your life, not only in this world but also in the world after. So please my brothers take it seriously and make some effort to keep […]

Facebook disabling accounts

Facebook started off as a great social media website almost a decade ago, but now it’s getting painful and irritating due to this id verification and account disabling issues. Facebook is very actively disabling the accounts and asking for verification these days. Why is account disabling wrong? Disabling a fake or inappropriate account can be […]

Numpad on Laptop – Stupid trend

I totally understand that there are occassions where one may require a numpad on their laptop for a number of tasks, including accounting or while writing french, but not all of us are accountants, neither we’re all french! My macbook is old now and I want to upgrade, however I wanted to go for a […]

No Service after iOS 8.4 update

Apple rolled out iOS 8.4 this week and as soon as it downloaded, I tried to update it. However once the update completed, there was “No Service” on my iPhone 5. The issue got me surprised and shocked initially and I wondered if Apple has stopped supporting my country altogether? Or maybe the iOS is […]

WP Redirect Permalink

We’re happy to announce the release of our next plugin: WP Redirect Permalink. Plugin details are as follows: Plugin Name: WP Redirect Permalink Latest version: 1.0 Download Link:¬†WP Redirect Permalink on Github Tags: remove postid from end, change permalink, redirect, permalink Details WP Redirect Permalink plugin allows you to efficiently redirect your previous urls that […]