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How to know if Cloudflare is working for my site

Last Updated: 07 Nov 2015 Cloudflare is an amazing service which not only secures your website but also improves its performance. However it’s important to know that adding cloudflare to your site doesn’t mean that it will go from 10 seconds load time to 1 second, just by enabling cloudflare. There is more to website […]

How to add description to Facebook profile picture

Last Updated: 14 Oct 2015 Facebook profile picture is the first and most important part of your profile, much more than the cover photo too. Profile picture not only shows your looks but also your personality type and in fact tells a lot more about it. However, you can also add words to the profile […]

Socialtriggers – Why I stopped following Derek

Last Updated: 26 Sep 2015 I don’t know how many of you have ever heard of this clown Derek Halpern, I’m sorry to introduce him to you if you didn’t! Well, I have separate email ids for personal stuff, blog and for subscriptions. Why separate? Well because the subscriptions usually flood you with useless stuff, […]

PHP 7 – 5 things you need to know

Last Updated: 24 Sep 2015 PHP 7 candidate has been released and it has some cool improvements to show! Some argue that there wasn’t a need to release it currently as most of the improvements it provides were already quite possible through various ways in previous versions too. Lets see some of the things about […]

Why I started blogging from phone

Last Updated: 16 Aug 2015 I’ve been blogging since 2008, however I never used any phone or phone app to blog ever since this month, but I guess it has to begin now and I should start blogging from the cell phone. Why I started blogging from the phone? Here are a few reasons! We […]

Facebook photo identification issues

Last Updated: 05 Aug 2015 I wish Mark Zukerberg (or whatever his name is) disables his own facebook id for a day and then try to recover it at least once, as a demo, to go through the process and see how irritating and frustrating it is. First of all, the facebook temporarily disabling the […]