[Solved]How to get content of page using PHP cURL – simple

This tutorial explains how to get the content of a page using PHP cURL. This is a perfectly working example, you just need to change the “url” value which can be either entered by hand there or made dynamic variable if it “GET” or “POST” the value from the submitted data to that page. The […]

[Solved]403 error when submitting “http://www” via GET even after urlencode

This weekend I’ve been working with a script which required me to send data┬ávia GET to another webpage coded in PHP to process it and then convert it into pdf format using dompdf. However, it was quite frustrating how it wasn’t doing what I expected it to and everytime the variable was passed it resulted […]

Define string without single or double quote in PHP

PHP allows you to define variables / strings specially in your scripts. The most commonly used methods for defining the variable in php are single quote ‘ or double quote “ However, there is a third way of defining the strings value in PHP too, which is not so commonly used, Its EOD. EOD is […]

How to send a video on Facebook (fb messages)

Facebook allows you to send videos and images to your friends and people you know via inbox messages, without publishing them on your wall (which you can also use and limit the visibility of that video post to that particular friend or group of friends). How to do that ? how to send a video […]

Missing scriptlance.com – freelancer.com ruined it

How many of you really miss Scriptlance.com ? I seriously do! I wish they survived and didn’t merge with freelancer.com I personally don’t know the owners and team of scriptlance but they were one of the best freelancer sites I ever knew. Atleast much better than freelancer.com The design was just ok when scriptlance.com was […]

iPhone 5, iOS 7.1 reduce transparency

iPhone 5 and plus, having iOS 7.x has a feature called reduce transparency. This feature does exactly what it says, it reduces transparency! But where and how? Continue reading to know ! Once I updated my iOS from ios 7.0 to 7.1 on iPhone 5, I noticed that the iphone dock and folder icons were […]

Peak traffic times on various social networks

These days we’re all busy browsing various social networks of our choice all day long. However there are specific peak hours for different social networks. Knowing these peak times is helpful in gaining maximum response from your desired audience by sharing your content at that specific peak time. Please note, peak times are definitely useful […]

Change number of messages displayed in Outlook.com

There was a time when we could change the number of messages which were listed on the outlook.com inbox list upto 100. But now, outlook don’t allow you to change that. Now by default outlook shows 35 messages in the list of your email inbox which can’t be changed. This becomes troublesome when you have […]

WordPress iphone app no stats to display

WordPress has a wonderfull iphone app to manage ur wp blogs straight from your iphone. While using the wp iphone app i tried checking the stats of my blog but it displayed “no stats to display” However this is not something to worry if you are having sikilar error on ur wp app for ios. […]

Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 Review

The antivirus software is of paramount importance because it wards off any threat that is approaching your system. Apart from this it becomes even more convenient as your day to day management of security is done by single software. However in the pursuit of such ace software you might often be deluded. For squabble free […]