2 Beautiful fonts – Calibri & Lucida Grande

Don’t you like your computer and laptop screen having those beautiful letters and words which are soothing to eyes? Well I do!

No doubt there are many fonts which are really very beautiful and I like to see and use them too. But 2 of the fonts, which I always like as “Default” fonts are Calibri and Lucida Grande.

Ya, we know these are not available on all systems so we can’t use them as the default font on our websites, but hey wait! we can use them as part of font family! E.g you can make it font-family: lucida grande, verdana;┬áso that if the visitors computer don’t have lucida grande or calibri on it they can view it in verdana font!

But one thing, please, ARIAL is not a default font anymore! I really don’t like sites using it as default font, seriously (ya, Google too! – I like google, but not their font choice at all) and I really wish Google changes the default font from Arial to something better now!

I will be posting some tips and tricks on how to change the default fonts of the websites which you view on your computer to the one of your choice (there are more than 1 ways, and really cool ones) so stay tuned!


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