5 Reasons why Google is not “free”

I am not sure how many people here think Google is there just to take care of them with demanding nothing in return. Here I will try to explain how google earns and why whatever it provides is not FREE.

I am a great user of google and its services myself, have learned and earned online alot with its help but the purpose of this post is to make peoples mind clear! Only!

People usually think Google is FREE and all its services offered are free, I disagree. It merely depends on what’s your definition of FREE.

Reasons why Google is not Free service

1. What is free and what itsn’t

Despite popular belief, free doesn’t only mean not paying money for something. If you do something for Google to get the benefits, then you’re not getting those benefits for free. You might not be paying them directly, but you are letting them earn, alot! so what ever you are getting isn’t free, it’s just a part of what you deserve because you made them earn. In next points, I will try to explain how the internet users benefit Google.

2. How Google earns from Adsense

So you know about Google Adsense? it’s an advertisement system by Google. Advertisers submit their ads to google, google publishes them on blogs and websites (and google search too) making the system work and keeping 30-50% of the Adsense income revenue generated. Which means, if you click on some ads by google on a website, the website owner gets some part of it and google does too. Ok so lets cut it down:

  • the person who clicked the ad helped both Google and the website owner earn (and earn alot!)
  • the publisher helped Google earn (again, earn alot!)

So in return, when Google offers some service to the website and blog owners or casual visitors and users too, it’s not Free! not at all! They deserve it! You deserve it!

3. How Google earns from Google Search

It might be complex for some people to understand though, lemme try to explain by cutting it down into points

  • Google serves “sponsored” results on top, so it earns by ads there again!
  • Google gets statistical data, that it sells, and data is collected from casual users, YOU
  • Charging other search engines to use their catalog

4. How Google earns from Gmail

So you think gmail is a “FREE” email service from google? think again!

  • ads served on Gmail, so again, you make them rich!
  • statistical data, SOLD
  • Gtalk integration and earning by voip

5. How Google earns with Google Plus

Google plus is a social networking site by Google, although in beta (or maybe alpha) currently, Google plus will be one of major sources of revenue for Google. Without going in detail of how it will be, it’s definitely a way to make Google rich! and all because of a common user, YOU

  • again by ads
  • user data, awesome and great user data, to be sold, like facebook does
  • providing paid services in future maybe on G+

In short, don’t ever think anyone jumping around and saying “hey! i wanna serve you!” is going to do it for free just because you’re not paying them.

Don’t ever think THEY are doing favor to you, NO! you’re doing favor to them! by using their service!

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