Best software for online ticketing

As technology has advanced, internet has taken control of all our daily activities be it meeting with friends, be it watching movies, be it shopping and many more. You say it and the internet has an offer for you. Even ticketing to various events is covered by this giant named internet which only makes our lives easy as we know it.

This post will enlist and discuss some online ticketing software and services that offer you online ticket booking and selling using the power and domain of internet worldwide.

So let us begin with the process.

1.    Eventbrite:

Eventbrie provides you with an online tool that will help you with web event registration, and to publish, sell and promote tickets to your event using this service. It helps businesses and organizations belonging to every scale to promote, manage and sell their events online.

The good thing is that if you are holding any event, meeting, seminar or any other gathering, you may register your event with eventbrite and that too free.

2.    Amiando:

This service provides you with some really powerful tools such as automatic ticket management and booking, automated ticket distribution, very flexible payment functionality and powerful promotion regarding your event.  This service has specifically been optimized for public events such as parties, concerts and festivals etc. You need not know any programming skills to set up your very own virtual ticketing shop with amiando. It is really simple and easy.

3.    PrimeTix:

This service is focused on the organizer and fan relationship and loyalty. It provides teams, venues, theaters and universities the tools that will help them in succeed in their event organization. The users have the options to sell their tickets using multiple and various viable channels and reach more and more new customers as it is possible. It provides solutions that help in strengthening the customer and fan relationship and provide them with a really satisfactory service as they expect.

4.    Seat Advisor:

This service primarily focuses on box office ticket bookings. Seat advisor provides you with software solutions that will help in the best possible box office ticket booking experience. It annually uses SABO as its official ticket booking solution with more than 600 organizations resulting into a sale of 5,000 to 2,000,000 tickets annually.

5.    Ticket Biscuit:

This is an integrated ticket booking system that amazingly combines e-commerce with a really powerful box office booking system that has proved to be revolutionary every time it has been utilized. It allows you to manage all your events; keep track of ticket sales and update your online venture regarding the event at the same place and that too in a lesser time than that you take to brew your coffee.

6.    Agile Ticketing:

This is an enterprise styled ticket booking solution that is designed to help every type of business, from small scale industries to the largest sports event ventures. It provides a really functional and fully customizable solution that will be perfectly tailored for your own venture be it a call center or a fully featured box office or online customer relations reporting and management. You name it and your custom software will be provided to you to take care of all your specific needs.

7.    Advantage:

This is a software presented by CenterEdge. This is a sophisticated but really easy to familiarize with and easy to use software that particularly targets the entertainment industry. It provides you with options for reservations, bulk bookings, birthday bookings, memberships, redemption management and much more.

You may choose any one of the above mentioned solutions to all your online ticketing jitters that will make your event a huge success as it will now be much more organized than you ever thought it to be.

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