Next Gen form builder = WYSIWYG interface + codability

Form building and management may not be the biggest programming challenges; however, if you’ve been there, you surely know this poses problems. It requires server database administration, form debugging can be tricky and the whole job is, above all, really time-consuming. At a certain level, a developer may not want to deal with too much […]

Popular mobile phone and their reviews

Cell phones are the most important and popular gadget among all the age groups. There is hardly anyone who does not use this amazing technology and surprisingly the number of people who are using cell phones is increasing day by day. Due to technology, cell phones are not just used to communicate; they are also […]

Know about E-mail Hacking

It is true that hacking e-mail account has become easy. Today, you hear your friend, sometimes you yourself find complaining about having email account hacked by email hackers & why not? With many, almost thousands of techniques & email hacking tools & email password hacking tricks in place, today hackers are enjoying the freedom at […]

About Mobile Phones: Hacking

Mobile phones have become the integral part of human life. It won’t e wrong to call mobile phones as 4th basic human need today. Technology has evolved so fast that communication has become much easier than it used to e some years back. A mobile phone allows its user to make and receive telephone calls […]