Popular mobile phone and their reviews

Cell phones are the most important and popular gadget among all the age groups. There is hardly anyone who does not use this amazing technology and surprisingly the number of people who are using cell phones is increasing day by day. Due to technology, cell phones are not just used to communicate; they are also used as source of entertainment as well.

People want to have maximum features in a cell phone at the most affordable rate.

The most important features to consider in mind while buying a cell phone are:

  • Avoid buying those cell phones that are very slim and are easily break able. These cell phones would not last long and your money may be wasted.
  • Buy cell phones whose manufacturer provides favorable after sales services

such as 1 year warranty.

  • Go for those cell phones that have music player, Bluetooth, colored screen, GPRS access, Wi-Fi and other basic features.
  • There is no need to buy a very expensive mobile. The features of cell phones

with reasonable prices are almost same as compared to those in the expensive

cell phones

One of the most popular cell phones is Apple iPhone 3GS. This cell phone is the revised version of the iPhone 3G. The major changes in cell phone is that it is faster than the previous iPhone 3G, 3 Mega pixel Camera, battery life is much longer, Multimedia Messaging and most important of all the ( cell phone memory : old link not working: http://www.icameraphones.com/buying-guide/cell-phone-memory.htm ) has increased from 16 GB to 32 GB. The rating of this cell phone is 4 out of 5.

If you want to further update your mobile than you should go for Apple iPhone 4.The main features of this cell phone are the 5 Mega pixel Camera, face time for video calling, multitasking ability, HD video editing and recording and the cell phone is protected between two glassy panels which are

made up of aluminosilicate glass. This cell phone is extremely durable and scratch resistant. Also this mobile phone is amongst the highest rated phones. Its usual rating is 4.5 out of 5.

Nokia N97 is one of the cell phones which are not very expensive and have favorable features. Being one of the smartest cell phone it is designed by Nokia. It is has a large touch display and that is why mostly people prefer it over the Apple cell phones. The main features of the cell

phone include:

Accessibility to facebook via facebook application.


FM radio

WIFI, Bluetooth

3.5” Touch Display

32 GB build in memory with 16 GB optional memory via flash card

5 mega pixel camera.

The bugging device or the covert listening device is used in surveillance or in police investigation. There are many cell phone bugging devices available which enable anyone to listen to your phone calls. It is done by installing a spy card or a chip. It can also be done downloading a spyware by phone’s Bluetooth or getting in the account for prohibited purposes. So if you want to protect your privacy then find out the way to get rid of it.

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  1. Nokia 2600 c is a great phone provided by Nokia with limited features. Nokia N97 is too costly to afford.

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