Twitter replies not working – Bug ?

I have been noticing from a few days that my twitter replies are not being shown!

When I login to my twitter account and click on @nabeelkhan I get a blank page or only one or two results!

I tried looking for Google about this error but couldn’t find any info! (however I didn’t try much to find it! )

So anyone else facing same situation? Well it can be that no one else is mentioning me in their twitter now, but what about previous ones? where are they gone? and also, why do some replies get shown, then disappear and so on?

2 comments on “Twitter replies not working – Bug ?

  1. Hi, I’ve been seeing the exact same thing. Glad I’m not alone. I wonder what the deal is. It isn’t a time issue as the few that *are* showing are old, but not that old. It’s also not a relation issue, as @replies from my GF (who I live with) don’t show either.

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