LinkedIn API profile fields

Well originally this post is meant to tell you that you can’t get “EMAIL address” through linkedin api. However, you can get a number of other profile field which include: user id first name last name headline location industry current status connections and so on. You can get the full list of profile fields which […]

How to get my linkedin Profile link – video tutorial

Getting your linkedin profile link could be a mystery! It took me a while to figure it out too and have got requests from many clients and friends to help find them their linkedin profile url. To get your linkedin public profile url, follow these steps (video below): 1. Login to linkedin account 2. from […]

401 [unauthorized]. authToken contains whitespace – LinkedIn app error while sharing

Earlier I posted about the LinkedIn API error Profile data could not be retrieved . The current error 401 [unauthorized]. authToken contains whitespace is also due to the similar reason (in my case) when trying to share a link through post on linkedin from my application. My application was sharing the post through api to the url: […]

How to get LinkedIn App Key and App Secret

This post is for those who want to work on linkedin API to develop applications. Linked In provides and required app key and app secret for applications built using their API. To get linked Appkey and Appsecret, goto this page: Here you can create a new applicaiton for linkedin too or edit already existing linkedin […]

LinkedIn->updateNetwork(): profile data could not be retrieved – Solved

I’ll be honest, this was my first day working on Linkedin API for creating an app with numerous functionalities in it. I utilized OAuth library along with simple-linkedinphp – a simple Php-based LinkedIn API library to connect and perform various functions with linkedin profile. However while playing around, few errors came up. One of them was: “LinkedIn->updateNetwork(): […]