LinkedIn->updateNetwork(): profile data could not be retrieved – Solved

I’ll be honest, this was my first day working on Linkedin API for creating an app with numerous functionalities in it.

I utilized OAuth library along with simple-linkedinphp – a simple Php-based LinkedIn API library to connect and perform various functions with linkedin profile.

However while playing around, few errors came up. One of them was: “LinkedIn->updateNetwork(): profile data could not be retrieved” when I tried to submit a network update to linkedin account from the application I created.

The solution of this error is very simple and obvious (atleast in my case)

How to solve “LinkedIn->updateNetwork(): profile data could not be retrieved” error:

Cause of the error: Incorrect App Key (appkey) and / or App Secret (appSecret) provided (or not provided at all)

So the solution is ofcourse to confirm the appkey and app secret for your linkedin app to fix this error.

If you don’t know what are your appkey and appsecret values, check this: Where to find LinkedIn AppKey and AppSecret

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