Yahoo Hacked, More Than 450,000 Passwords Posted Online

D33Ds company released information about yahoo being hacked and their website is down after posting the information. Yahoo voice was hacked by a group of some unknown hackers and around 450,000 usernames and unencrypted passwords have been released online by them. The document released by the hackers had this at the end: “We hope that […]

Sorry, Unable to process request at this time — error 999 – Yahoo Error

While answer a question on Yahoo Answers today I received this error message. I received this message even after I tried to submit the answer again! The error said: Sorry, Unable to process request at this time — error 999. Unfortunately we are unable to process your request at this time. This error is usually […]

How to Delete Yahoo Account

Yahoo! provides you the facility to terminate your account whenever you want. The process goes like this, once you complete the termination process (which is pretty simple) your account gets deactivated and scheduled for deletion in 90 days. If you want to terminate or close your Yahoo! account simply goto the following page and follow […]

How to Change Yahoo password

Yahoo has changed it’s layout some time ago and it has moved many settings and other stuff to different places. Today one of my friend wanted to change their yahoo! account password but was not able to find where to do it from. Here we will discuss how to change yahoo password. It will change […]

How to delete a Yahoo! buzz submitted or voted by you

Voted a buzz on yahoo by mistake or added a vote to it? don’t just want to disappear from your profile but also remove any trace of what you just did accidentally? (including the message with your yahoo messenger id!) Its pretty much simple. Follow this to achieve this: To change your vote, go to […]