Yahoo Hacked, More Than 450,000 Passwords Posted Online

D33Ds company released information about yahoo being hacked and their website is down after posting the information.

Yahoo voice was hacked by a group of some unknown hackers and around 450,000 usernames and unencrypted passwords have been released online by them.

The document released by the hackers had this at the end:

“We hope that the parties responsible for managing the security of this subdomain will take this as a wake-up call, and not as a threat,” a note on the page said. “There have been many security holes exploited in Web servers belonging to Yahoo! Inc. that have caused far greater damage than our disclosure. Please do not take them lightly.”

Well, servers can get hacked, but unencrypted passwords ? seriously ? serious flaw in yahoo security!

What’re your view about yahoo hacked accounts ?



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