How technology has changed the face of modern entertainment for consumers

Over the last one decade, technology has changed exponentially and it’s expanding rapidly in every field of life. Technology has done a great deal of work in cutting off the burden and making things easier to us. The physical things that we do are being transformed and made feasible in the virtual world by growing advancement in internet. There was a time when you had to stand in long lines and wait for hours in bank or to book tickets but today the scenario has changed. You can book tickets sitting on your couch with your 6X6 gadget, make money transfer and payments online. For this you need to have a better internet service provider. In your region, you have Virgin media which provides services like broadband, TV phone plus mobile etc and gives you further profits through Virgin media deals.

technologyEarlier, you had to sit and wait for your favorite TV show to come avoiding your work but today you have a number of choices. You may record the whole show and watch it anytime when you want. Or you can directly go to internet to watch your favorite TV shows there and you can download them easily for watching further. Not only TV shows but you can find movies, songs and videos on internet. All it takes is a little gadget. You may entertain yourself anywhere with little gadgets finding the things which interest you. If you’re a reader you have e-books and enough blogs on internet. If you’re a writer you always have writing tools in your gadget. You can watch movies, listen to songs and most importantly chat and talk with your friends and loved ones no matter how far you are from them. You have applications to make voice calls and video calls through internet which saves money you put in the phone calls.

Automobiles are now being manufactured with standard GPS and emergency call features for the convenience and safety of drivers and their passengers, making the days of carrying a map completely unnecessary and improving the peace of mind of anyone who must travel the roads alone or at night.

Banks and other institution have started using computers to fill data instead of doing it manually which has reduced wastage of time to 10 times for both workers and consumers. Clients can get a quick access to their accounts on their gadget anytime anywhere instead of travelling to the bank. This has helped in development of online market where the consumer gets his order at his doorstep and pays online by internet banking or using credit, debit card. The payment of bills and other accounts related jobs of every business entity is easily managed by the available online facilities. Financial institutions and banks have introduced online internet systems which makes life easier.

Our elder generations never got the chance to learn in interactive classrooms with projectors and 3D images. Neither did they have the luxury of watching videos and movies in high definition and to play best graphic games.

Social networking websites have been incorporated as a part of daily life. Websites like twitter and facebook have given a new revolutionary change to the world of social media and entertainment. People always have such sites to stay connected with their friends and relatives. Meeting the new people online has given way to the rise of the billion dollar industry of dating.

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