How to remove Stats plugin footer smiley Stats plugin is one of the simplest, most useful and popular among most bloggers. This plugin, other than providing the statistics about the blog visitors and page view etc, adds a small smiley at the footer of the page which you might have noticed if you use this plugin.

In this post we will discuss how to remove this smiley.

Although there is a plugin available to remove it for you automatically ( stats smiley remover), you just need to install it and activate and it does rest of the work for you, I personally don’t like using it due to several reasons such as:

  1. The plugin adds css style code to the html part of the page, which should be avoided where ever it can be.
  2. The plugin does a very small task, just adding a css code, so why not add it to the style sheet manually? This will save system resource (if you have very high traffic) and also improve your website html code
  3. The plugin recently gave Fatal Error, which any plugin can too! So the rule is to use minimum plugins on your blog.

So lets come to the point. How to remove the smiley generated by stats plugin at the footer of each post and page on wordpress blog?

To do so, simply add this css code to your blog :

img#wpstats{display:none !important;}

You can add this code in following ways:

  1. Add this code to the css file of your current theme. Either login via ftp and browse to current theme folder and add it to the stylesheet, or else, goto wordpress admin panel > appearance > editor and add this code to the current theme’s css file and save
  2. Add this code to the header of your current theme (not recommended)

This will remove the smiley from the footer of your page. Don’t forget to empty the cache if you’re using any cache plugins like w3 total cache on your blog to see the changes.

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