Opencart Error: “Could not load model tool/viewer”

While working on an Opencart theme i encountered an error on category and product description page saying:

opencart Error: “Could not load model tool/viewer”

Note that the theme was working perfect on the other installation that I was using (it was backup copy of the same clients shopping cart) but now he wanted to do a fresh install of Opencart and install the new opencart theme to it, which gave this error.

When I checked the tool/viewer.tpl file it showed this code:


Anyway, the solution was bit simple (if you haven’t modified the tools files in your theme).

How to solve Opencart Error: “Could not load ……” 

Goto the opencart default theme (provided you don’t have modified the default theme, if you had then download the fresh opencart and get its theme) and copy the relevant file to replace yours (if you didn’t modify it too – but don’t forget to keep backup)

This will remove the error and everything should work fine now.

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