Samsung flexible oled – Youm

Samsung has launched new flexible display technology named “Youm”. Presentation also included prototype devices that allowed the screen to be bent and even rolled.

Great thing about Samsung flexible oled is that they produce their own light, which means they don’t require thick, heavy and power consuming back lights. So its not just flexible, but its much more lighter and less power consuming.

Advantages of this type of flexible screen ? Youm . . . ? well endless. Cell phones can be designed to have partial display on the side so that a person can see any important messages and notifications while the cell is lying down on the table.

samsung flexible oled

Samsung flexible oled, youm, can be used to develop devices which can be folded, even rolled. Imagine electronic newspaper forexample.

However, samsung isn’t the only firm working on flexible technology. Plastic logic along with Intel and Human Media Lab are working on several flexible concept designs, e.g an e-paper, real time wristwatch, papertab, flexible tablet etc.

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