Thesis – add banner to header

thesis hooks for footerThis tutorial will help you learn how to add banner or any custom code to the header section of thesis theme for wordpress.

People using thesis wordpress theme would like to use the empty space next to the logo / header part of the theme by adding some banner ad in the header or any other stuff there (like social media links)

This will need you to add code as a custom function in custom_functions.php file for thesis theme (can be done via wordpress backend too).

Custom Function (custom_functions.php)

function custom_header() { 
<div id="custom_header">
<!-- add your custom code here -->

Custom CSS

This will now show the custom code in the head section of your websites frontend. Now its time to add css to make it suit its presence on your blog. Simple add css code for the id custom_header in custom_css.php file and you’re all set.

So this way you can add either google adsense ad or any custom code to your header section on thesis theme for wordpress

Let me know if you have any queries or want our services to do it for you.

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