Twitter bug – showing blank page – solution (temporary)

I just tried logging into my twitter account and found out that I can’t see anything on it but a blank page with just the header there!

Tried from chrome and firefox, tried logging in and out, but vain.

When you try visiting any profile without logging into twitter, it opens fine, but when you try it once you log into twitter, the page goes blank for the new twitter.

The solution (temporary, and let’s hope that the issue is temporary too!) is to click on the link on top of your blank twitter account page saying Old Twitter. It will take you to the old twitter and you can use twitter there. Returning to the new twitter from the old twitter layout don’t solve the problem of the blank new twitter account page btw.

Some time back, I noticed and blogged about the error received when trying to try the old twitter from the new one, looks like the team fixed that issue and messed up with the new code! (or is it that they just restored an old backup of their server files?)

Update: Twitter is back up now on the new version, and the old version is giving the old error again!!!



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