Why are adsense ads so ugly ?

I’m not trying to comment on Google or adsense system as a whole, but seriously, the ads are ugly!

I am using them on my blogs too, to generate some income, but this don’t change the fact that they’re not good looking.

The ads can easily be modified to be more attractive or customized.

Google does provide these options to big players with very high traffic right? and guess what, they all change the “default” google ads layout and looks. Why? because they know it’s ugly by default!

I don’t understand why Google really wants to keep things “uglily simple”

Not just ads, even their font on all projects.

Google recently added some css to search and login pages, but seriously, was that it? (even those coud have been improved alot more)

So my questions is, is google really that big team or their system is smart enough to get suggestions and improve theĀ appearance?

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