Adsense ads not showing in Feedburner feed

I’ve been trying to get adsense ads appear and work in my feedburner feed but was not able to get it done due to some weird reason (one of which was a hasty behavior – not looking at things properly)

I tried creating new feed channel but failed. Only hope that I was seeing was to create a new feed (and removing the old one) but was obviously a silly idea.

Anyway, the solution was pretty simple. The adsense ads were not being shown on my feedburner feed because they were suspended (or idle according to new adsense interface terminiology)

Don’t panic, you can un-suspend the ads for feedburner yourself from google adsense account.

To solve this issue, change your adsense interface to old interface (top right corner of adsense account) and follow these steps:

In old adsense interface

1. goto: adsense setup > manage ads

2. Click show inactive units and hidden units

3. look for feed item that you want to resume and see “suspended” or “inactive” next to it

4. press “resume” next to it if it’s suspended

5. you will get a notification saying “Your AdSense unit has been saved. Changes may not appear for up to 10 minutes.”

Check your feedburner feeds in 10 minutes and see if feedburner still not showing your adsense ads or are they working fine now.

Shift back to new adsense interfect once you’ve completed these steps.

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