How to check if my AlertPay account can accept credit card payments

I had to send funds to a friend today via alertpay but unfortunately I didn’t have any funds in my alertpay account. So the only option was to pay him via credit card. So to make sure the receiving person can accept credit card payments, follow these steps (read whole post before acting):

How to confirm if AlertPay account can accept credit card payments

First of all, if you don’t know that your account can accept credit card payments or not, then most probably it can’t

Secondly, check if your account is personal or personal pro / business account.

Personal accounts can’t accept credit card payment on alertpay.

Note: You don’t need to upgrade your account to receive credit card payments. The receiver can send a payment request and the sender can accept it and chose to pay via credit card.

Third, to finally make sure if your alertpay account can accept credit card or not, goto: AlertPay > My Profile > Payment Preferences and look for the option “Would you like to accept credit card payments?” If it allows you to select yes, then it means you can and you should change it to yes in order to accept credit card payments via alertpay.

Let me know if you have any queries or confusions.

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