Verify your Credit Card with Alert Pay in non Euro currency

Recently had an experience with Alert Pay while adding the credit card to my account so thought to help out people who may face the same situation.

I used my Payoneer Credit Card (master card) to verify my AlertPay account. The deposit statements are shown in my account in US$ instead of euro. But when i tried verifying the transaction made in the alert pay control panel, it didn’t allow me to add amount in dollars.

Also, it has option to add only one digit. Means i can add only 1 or 2 or 3. No 1.02 or 2.34 etc. Not to mention, i had to enter the amount in euro’s only as stated by alertpay.

Anyway, so how to solve this issue? I contacted alertpay support and they asked me to send them screen shot of my online transactions / bank statement of my credit card and incase I don’t have online control panel for my bank account or credit card, they asked me to scan the bank statement and mail it to them to get my account verified.

This is the email that i got from AlertPay support in response to credit card verification query:

Hello Mr. Khan,

Thank you for contacting AlertPay. My name is Sherena and I am happy to assist you.

The validation code you have provided does not match that of your AlertPay account. This may be because you have received it in a different currency.

If you have online banking, please provide us with a screenshot of your credit card statement indicating the validation code you have received. This will help us solve the issue.

How to take a screen shot:

1. Press “Print Screen” or “Prt Scr” on your keyboard.
2. In the “Start” menu, select “All Programs”, then “Accessories”, followed by “Paint”.
3. Under “Edit”, click on “Paste”.

If you do not have online banking, please provide us with a scan of your credit card statement and attach the document in your reply ensuring the attachment is a .jpg or .jpeg file and under 5 MB in size.

Thank you for your understanding.


Pretty simple and quite easy to do infact :) Happy AlertPaying

Note: Don’t try to enter the wrong amount many times in the verify transaction amount box for verifying your credit card to AlertPay as it may block this action and attempts to verify the credit card.

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  1. So you finally got verified using this procedure ??? Thanks for the detailed Procedure.After seeing deposits of alertpay in INR in my Credit card statement I googled it and found your post.This was very helpful.I already raised the Ticket and Hope i get Verified soon ..

  2. How Many days it take for an Alertpay Executive to get in touch with you after raising ticket ? and in how many days it got verified ?

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