How to find invisible friends in Google Talk / Gmail

Ever wondered to find out if someone is hiding from you or actually offline on Gmail or gtalk?

Gmail or Google Talk, like other instant messengers, allow users to appear offline when they want to keep themselves hidden. Probably you would have noticed that some of your friends remain invisible while chatting.

You can check if someone is hiding from you or is he really offline. So if you want to check invisible friends on Google talk or Gmail.

To check if your friend is online and just hiding by appearing offline follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Google Talk messenger using your gmail id
  2. Search for the friend that you want to check if he is online or not
  3. Click on his name in the messenger contacts list and the chat box will appear
  4. Click on the drop down at the top right and then select Go Off the record
  5. Now write any message for that friend and press enter to post that message
  6. If you see the message saying “ is offline and can’t receive message right now.” it means he or she is really offline and not hiding. If you don’t get the message like that and your message went through, it means your friend is hiding by just appearing offline

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