Gmail missing from Facebook on Find friends page

The popular social networking website Facebook have a feature to look for people that are in your contact list on other websites like hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc.

However, for some reason, we can’t find gmail in the list now.

Is this some bug? or the service is delisted intentionally due to any reason? If it’s removed intentionally then is it due to some policy conflict between facebook or Google gmail? or is it due to some script issues?

If you goto Facebook find friends page (Edit friends page > Find friends) you can’t find gmail listed there. If you try using the option “Other Email Service” and enter the gmail id there, it authenticates and says finding friends. Then Facebook gives a wrong message saying:

Everyone on this contact list is already on Facebook or has already been invited.

The same error is seen once you signup on Facebook using your Gmail account and when in later steps it asks you to invite your gmail friends.

Is this some type of bug in the script? on facebook side or Google Gmail side? or else it’s some competition

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