US Air Force asks its troops to use Facebook with care

The most popular social networking site Facebook has many features which may be of security concern to the military!

US Air Force has advised it’s troops to be extra cautious and careful while using Facebook or other social networking websites specially while using the feature of sharing your current location.

US Air Force sent out the warning to the troops via their internal website in the beginning of October. The warning was sent to the authorities and concerned personnels, warning them about the adverse affects and devastating results of the location sharing feature. It can really be of extreme danger if not used with proper care and if proper attitude is not adopted while using the features of social media’s without understanding them completely (including Facebook and twitter)

The message included:

Careless use of these services by airmen can have devastating operations security and privacy implications.

After US Air Force advice, US Army has also decided to follow this practice and will issue a similar warning to it’s personnel.

Facebook, the most popular social networking site, has developed and introduced alot of new features in recent years. One of the feature, current location, have the capability of detecting your current GPS coordinates, can be of special concern for the troops.

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  1. hi I’m agree with the thought and try not to give your personal details on social networking websites and do not upload your personal photographs

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